Saturday, November 19, 2016

Forum rules

This site will be LIGHTLY moderated. The founders will be following the standards, as we understand them, that Glenn Greenwald applied when he published at Salon. While those were never written, or updated for 2016 and forward, those rules are as follows:

1. Doxing, posting private information. DO NOT DO IT. This site is strongly supportive of online anonymity and any attempt to "out" a commenter, or other anonymous online presence, will be dealt with swiftly and permanently -- you'll be out. In addition, and even for for non-anonymous commenters, or any other online presence, no non-publicly available personal information may be posted --  including but not limited to -- non-public phone numbers, email addresses or financial information. It will be deleted and the offender will be banned. By contrast, the phone numbers of public organizations such as, e.g., the ACLU or a politician's publicly available phone number, those may be posted. If in doubt, ask first.

2. Personal attacks and insults. These are not prohibited per se, neither on forum members nor other individuals and groups. We are not here to force you to be civil. Profanity is not prohibited. (Though if  insult and attack is all you do, or do in excess and inelegantly, don't be surprised if people don't engage you.) However, the exception is Stormfront-level epithets and "theorizing" about racial, ethnic, religious or sexual minorities, and women. Moreover, you may not be welcome if your purpose is to defend the policies toward the above groups as propounded by Donald Trump and many of his supporters and appointees. Otherwise, and with very rare exception, viewpoint is not a grounds for moderation.

3. Crapflooding. This is prohibited. Littering the board with endless posts lacking substance, which are unjustifiably redundant, and/or constituting inanity or personal insults, is not allowed. (This behavior pollutes the board and impairs the discussion.) This is a view-point neutral standard. That said, material considered useful by the sorts of individuals who are devotees of Glenn Greenwald -- such devotees founded this site -- are unlikely to find that prolific posting of such material to constitute crapflooding.

4. Copyright violations. The motto here is: "Links are good!" Fair use excerpts are also ok, But often there are no hard and fast legal schemes guiding and known with certainty on this issue --  even among lawyers who practice in the field of Intellectual Property. So we will err on the side of caution. If you want to post the entirety of an article and believe you may, include a creative commons license as issued at the site of the article's origin.

[This is not done. I just started. I will be offering it for discussion, amendment, and eventual adoption when it's finished. I just want to get something down and saved.]


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    1. Thanks. I assume the actual discussion and adoption of rules will take place "over there." If so, I might need Doug to do the Copy & Paste. Rapidly learning the new software over there is, er, not the kind of skill in my set. ;)

    2. The discussion of the latest version should now proceed at Abandoned Territory.