Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bob Mackey's post on Breitbart, Bannon, & pro-Israel means you CANNOT be antisemitic

That's actually a good read: Steve Bannon Made Breitbart a Space for Pro-Israel Writers and Anti-Semitic Readers. But the comments are pretty suck-ass, except for rr, Maisie and Doug. nuf the antisemite tosses in his "Jews are a cult."

The inundation of Trumpers makes that thread pretty awful, providing as it does more pals for nuf, Karl and the rest of those neanderthals. Israel-Palestine is my premier issue, but there's no way I could psychologically deal with what that site's commenters are now.


  1. Hello: Need to read the piece before I comment further. Just wanted you to know finally able to comment, etc., and thanks for getting this going.

  2. testing to see if I can do this on Firefox now